Dan Buchanan is an Akron, Ohio born, Kent State University educated and Chicago, Illinois based award winning web designer, web developer and photographer that has been doing both non-profit and corporate work in the Digital Marketing industry for the last 10 years.

What i do

I’m not just a web developer, I am also a wood working instructor and banjo player but I’m a way better web developer.

Web Design

I research popular web sites in your field, take in your inspiration and create my website design in Adobe Photoshop and hand them off to you in a editable PSD.

Web Development

I’m comfortable in modern coding languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and ES6. Most of my websites are done in WordPress using a customized DIVI theme.


I’m currently shooting on a Nikon D3500 DSLR. I love taking photos and I take a lot of them and if you don’t believe me then follow me on instagram. (shameless plug)

Some Past Clients

I’m not all talk. These people dig the work I dig and allowed me to use their words as a testimonial.

“Dan is quick, detail-oriented and has an eye for good design. I’ve been very impressed with his ability to decode my often vague instructions and deliver exactly what the client needs. His deep understanding of the web design process has been a huge asset to my team; I can’t recommend him enough.”

Caroline Thompson

Financial Content Strategist, JConnelly

Dan did a great job on my website and I will definetly use him again for any future projects. I wish I was half as good at him at sports and at video games.

Eli Woodhall

Photographer and Videographer

Let’s talk about a project

Let’s talk about a new project, maybe an old project or nothing at all. I’m ok with just talking about professional wrestling in the 90s, most video games and almost any episode of forensic files.